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Admiralty Island Fortress of the Bear Kayak

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Tour Description

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8 Hours Duration
From pick-up to drop-off
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An Exclusive Experience
With small groups and expert guides
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Multi-Activity Adventure
Through Juneau's remote wilderness
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Best Bear Opportunities
Most up close and personal experience

Hands-down the most exclusive Juneau bear watching tour offered, this full-day excursion provides wildlife encounters on another level. Flying out to Admiralty Island, also known as 'the Fortress of the Bears', a float plane drops you off in a remote wilderness where you will sea kayak along the coast of what is home to one of the highest density brown bear and nesting bald eagle populations on the planet! Pull the kayaks on shore, and find a viewing location with your guide to observe brown bears in their native habitat; no walls, no fences. Check out Windfall Island when you land before heading over to Admiralty Island for your bear viewing experience at Pack Creek, which encompasses true Alaskan wilderness and unparalleled wildlife opportunities.

Start this Juneau bear tour with a pick-up right at the cruise docks and transportation to the float plane base, which allows an opportunity for gear fitting and safety instructions for the day. A 20-minute float plane flight culminates on the shores of Windfall Island, where sea kayaks await for the next leg of this journey. From here, you will paddle ato Admiralty Island, keeping your eyes peeled for brown bears, bald eagles, and even whales and seals which frequent these waters. Extremely knowledgable guides share insights into the ecology of your surroundings and wildlife behavior, providing an excellent narrative to complement the stunning scenery in all directions.

Guests in late summer will enjoy watching spawning salmon returning home, swimming upstream to mate, which of course is a popular location for brown bears as well. Enjoy lunch on the beach, savoring this wilderness area and the sensitive ecological balance that accompanies it. Photographers will fill up their SD cards with some of the most amazing up-close bear shots, and there is enough time to really observe and deepen your appreciation for these majestic animals. Eventually, make the return trip home via kayak to the float plane location for the return flight back to Juneau. It will undoubtedly be hard to put this experience into words upon your return, but the imprint will surely stay with you.

Please note: Kayaking is only included from June-August. In May & September a direct flight is taken to the Pack Creek area to maximize bear viewing time.



8h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 12 years old.


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