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About Juneau, Alaska

Alaska’s capital city and home to numerous stunning attractions like the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves, Juneau is a one-of-a-kind destination in an already one-of-a-kind region. Historically important as a mining and trade outpost, the city continues to serve as an administrative center. Alaska cruise passengers and independent travelers have numerous adventure opportunities available for ziplining, flightseeing, glacier exploration, and perhaps most notably, world-class whale watching.

Visitors to Juneau will find a quaint seaside port tucked among stunning snow-capped peaks. And folks searching for Juneau cruise excursions are unlikely to be disappointed! With the guided hikes on Mendenhall Glacier, for example, intrepid travelers can explore the fascinating icy landscape up close. Or perhaps you’re looking to see Juneau from an entirely different perspective? Hop on a helicopter and touch down on one of the massive glaciers that flows out of the Juneau Icefield with the Icefield Helicopter Excursion! These are far from the only Juneau cruise excursions that hopeful explorers will find in store, though! Whether it’s kayaking or canoeing, trekking or flying, there’s something for everyone in Juneau!

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