The Top 10 Water Tours in Ketchikan

Head out on Ketchikan's serene waterways with these top-rated boat tours! Step onboard the famous Bering Sea crab boat, or cruise to a scenic lodge for a crab and seafood feast. Go for a hands-on fishing excursion or discover the smooth glide of an eco-friendly hovercraft! You'll experience Ketchikan like a local on these boat excursions.

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Wonderful experience

Liz Dizon
July 18
The Alaska Adventure & Seafest Tour is a wonderful experience. It’s a complete package from the Bus to the Speedboat, ...
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Missing Alaska!!

Kimberly Foster
May 26
This was a perfect way to end our time in Ketchikan! Pandi and Avery did a great job sharing their ...
Backcountry Zodiac Expedition review image 0

Backcountry Zodiac Expedition

Jeff F
June 13
They provided everything, wet gear and boots, warm jackets if we needed them, and even bags to keep my camera ...
Rainforest Canoe review image 0Rainforest Canoe review image 1Rainforest Canoe review image 2

Rainforest Canoe

Michael Birtchet
November 9
This was awesome and the tour guides were a big part of that. You should be proud of them and ...
Rainforest Island Adventure review image 0

Rainforest Island Adventure

Ryan V
July 27
A wonderful trip. Scenic boat ride, lovely hike. Learned a bit about the history and ecology of the area. The ...

Alaskan shore tour

Peggy Hiatt
July 7
I’m just re-reading the description to my husband and we are very excited. We are coming in from Tucson, ...