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Taku Glacier Adventure by Air, Water & Ice

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Exclusive to Juneau, the Taku Glacier Adventure by Air, Water & Ice combines a scenic helicopter flight over the Juneau icefield with an adventurous airboat ride right up to Taku Glacier! Take off in the helicopter, quickly changing zones from temperate rainforest to the next layer of ice-capped peaks. Flying over to the Juneau Icefield, you'll be soaring over expansive glaciers, deep crevasses and some of the most beautiful terrain found anywhere. Landing at the Taku tour base, trade the helicopter for an airboat, and speed along the Taku River as your guide will navigate right up to the face of Taku Glacier. An exclusive, small-group tour that just may be the highlight of your whole Alaska vacation!

This highly-rated Juneau helicopter tour begins with a pick-up at the cruise docks and a short ride over to the heli-base. Meet your pilot-guide and go over a brief safety orientation before lifting off for an unforgettable ride. Nervous excitement during take-off is quickly overwhelmed by the majestic views of the expansive glaciated icefields, snow-capped mountain peaks and a seemingly endless horizon of mountains. Your knowledgeable and skilled pilot-guide narrates the journey and soon enough, you'll arrive at the Taku base; and this tour is just beginning!

Take a deep breath as you've just arrived to a remote wilderness in the heart of the Taku watershed. You'll be fitted with full-body mustang exposure suits before boarding a customized airboat to continue the journey up the Taku River towards the ultimate destination: the face of the Taku Glacier. Your guide has 20+ years of experience in this exact area, and the insightful narration is a welcoming backdrop to compliment views you may never forget. For those looking for a unique and extra special adventure, this excursion packs it all into one! Don't delay reserving your spot! This tour (like most Juneau helicopter tours) has very limited availability!

What's Included

Dock-to-dock transportation is included. You will be outfitted with glacier over-boots prior to embarking on your trip. There is no food or lunch served on this tour so please plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrooms available?
Restrooms are available at the helicopter base and the dock.
What happens if the weather is too bad to fly?
If the weather is just not cooperating and the pilots determine that it’s too bad to fly, we’ll do our best to reschedule you to a later time of day that works for you. If you choose not to reschedule or we can’t find a time that works for you, we will refund you.
What if I need extra help on the tour?
Your pilot will be with you the entire tour, so they’ll be happy to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. If you require extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of your tour and discuss your particular needs.
What if our cruise ship's schedule is canceled or delayed?
We will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, then you will receive a refund, less any non-refundable fees.
Will the pilot get out with us?
Definitely. Your pilot will act as your guide for your entire helicopter tour, including the time you’ll spend on the glacier. This allows for a truly focused tour experience.
What if my tour group is larger than 6 people?
There are several helicopters available at the base and can make accommodations for larger groups with advance notice. If your group exceeds 6 passengers and requires the use of multiple aircraft, we instruct the pilots to coordinate landing locations on the glacier so that you can have your landing time together.
How long is the flight and time on the glacier?
The total flight time is around 45-minutes, and about 15-minutes of time on the glacier. The airboat ride is approximately 45-minutes.
Will we see wildlife on the tour?
There is a good chance wildlife will be seen during your tour, either in flight or while on the glacier. However, this is not a wildlife viewing tour and we cannot guarantee you will see wildlife.
How many passengers per helicopter?
Each helicopter can seat up to 6 passengers, provided the weight and balance calculations work out in each aircraft.
What gear is provided?
All necessary gear is provided and includes boots, a full exposure suit, and life jacket.

Quick Facts


3h 30min

The minimum age for participants is 7 years old.

Cancel up to 14-days before the tour for a refund. No refund is available if canceled within 14-days of the tour. If for any reason your tour is canceled, or if your cruise ship’s schedule changes, you will receive a refund. Refunds do not include any non-refundable fees.


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