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Grand Knik Tour

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Take to the skies and explore the otherwordly beauty of some of Alaska's most awe-inspiring glaciers in this incredible Anchorage glacier tour. Not only will you get to admire these natural wonders from the comfort of an expertly-piloted helicopter, but you'll also get to participate in three remote landings that will give you an intimate view of these ice titans. Your aerial exploration will last 40 minutes and will take you past icebergs the size of buildings, above glacial rivers, and through the awe-inspiring Great Gorge of Knik Glacier. The iceberg landings will total approximately one hour, granting you access to some of the most remote and awe-inspiring places on Earth, such as the shores of Lake George, a high alpine peak, and the Kink Glacier's incredible blue melt pools.

Your journey begins as you soar through the majestic Great Gorge of the Knik Glacier on your way to Lake George, where you'll spend a half hour admiring the shore of this glacial lake and marveling at the floating icebergs before taking off towards a high alpine meadow, which offers a stunning view of the Knik, Cataract and Colony glaciers. Keep your camera at the ready for wild moose, Dall sheep, and bears, as they often roam the hillside!

Your Anchorage glacier tour continues with a Knik Glacier landing, where your guide will take you on a captivating 30-minute exploration of this icy realm. You'll be able to traverse the terrain safely with the provided crampons as your wander around the dazzling melt pools, fill your water bottle with refreshing glacier water, and gain a newfound appreciation and understanding for glacier and their life cycle before getting back in the helicopter and enjoying a breathtaking scenic flight back to the base.

What's Included

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We provide crampons to wear that allow you to walk safely on the glacier. These fit over your shoes.

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