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Bear Watching Tours in Alaska

Bears are among the most loved - and most feared - of Alaska’s wildlife. And for good reason, they can really do some damage! It’s estimated there are 100,000 wild black bears living in Alaska and around 30,000 brown bears. Although they’re adorable to look at, the best way to see bears in the wild is on one of our Alaska bear watching tours, where you’ll watch these intelligent predators going about their business from a safely managed distance. 

The Black Bear & Wildlife Exploration tour operates in Ketchikan during August and September, when the annual salmon run takes place. And, although the season’s short, spotting bears catching salmon directly from Herring Creek makes for a magical experience. 

From Skagway, you can join the Wildlife Safari & Bear Viewing tour. Be whisked away from the crowds on an adventure safari via the Chilkoot Valley, a place that copious numbers of brown bears call home. Watch the bears as they use their mighty claws to scoop salmon straight from the river, as well as spotting other Alaskan animals like seals, bald eagles and river otters. 

The Admiralty Island Fortress of the Bear Kayak combo tour from Juneau will get you into the heart of ‘The Fortress of the Bear’, otherwise known as Admiralty Island, which is one of the best places to view brown bears in the wild. Experience the thrills of a float plane ride, and a kayak adventure along the coast to Pack Creek, before marveling at the main event - huge brown bears hunting for dinner amongst the clusters of spawning salmon. 

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