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If you're looking for things to do in Skagway, we've got you covered! We offer all the best Skagway shore excursions, and have included handy guides on what to do before or after your tour. Read on to learn more about this historic gold rush town.

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Skagway Highlights

Gateway to the Yukon Territory, Yakutania Point, the Chilkoot Trail: With so many historical and naturally stunning attractions, there are an almost endless number of things to do in Skagway! This quaint port town, settled around the end of the 19th century by hopeful gold rushers, is among the last stops for many northbound Inside Passage cruisers. After experiencing some of the countless exciting things to do in Skagway, though, visitors may just feel that they’ve saved the best for last! After all, besides its inherent historic interest, Skagway has some of the most exciting shore excursions Alaska has to offer!

Well-researched Skagway visitors will likely be familiar with such excursions as the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari, which grants adventurers access to the gorgeous (but rapidly shrinking!) Davidson Glacier. This massive tongue of ice is situated just outside of the neighboring town of Haines, known colloquially as the Adventure Capital of the World! Other classic favorites among some of the top shore excursions Alaska features include the Yukon Discovery Tour, whereby visitors gain access to the stunning, historically significant, and still-wild Yukon Territory, and the Bennett Lake Scenic Journey, a train adventure that follows a similar itinerary. These options represent just the tip of the iceberg, however, for things to do in Skagway, as folks willing to go a bit off the beaten path will find truly unlimited options for new and exciting experiences!

With some of the most scenic shore excursions Alaska offers, a powerful historical legacy, and extensive wildlife, Skagway is a gem among Inside Passage destinations!

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