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Top of the World Helicopter Tour

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Soar high above the streets of Ketchikan and the trees of the Tongass without the soaring cost! The scenic Top of the World Helicopter tour is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for helicopter rides in Ketchikan, but as a budget-friendly option! See all the incredible sites of Revillagigedo island, including wildlife opportunities and rainforest views, as you journey south to your stunning mountaintop landing on scenic Annette Island. To the west, you will have the beautiful Revillagigedo Channel and the marine wildlife that call it home, and to the east, you’ll find the Tongass National Rainforest, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the famous Saxman totem poles.

The Top of the World Helicopter tour begins, as most helicopter rides in Ketchikan do, with pickup right from your cruise dock for maximum convenience. A short drive through the scenic streets of Ketchikan will bring you to your take-off location right along Ketchikan's coast, where your pilot will be waiting to give you a brief 10-minutes safety talk and time for photo ops with the helicopter. From take-off, you will head south along the Revillagigedo channel, with stunning views of the lush rainforest on one side, and the beautiful Inside Passage waters on the other.

When you eventually reach Annette Island, you're in for quite the treat, as you soar to the top of a beautiful peak for 360-degree views of the inside passage! You'll have 10 minutes to take in the sights, get up close with the unique plant life of Southeast Alaskan mountain tops, and chat with your knowledgeable guide about the area. Enjoy the quiet escape from the cruise crowds and don't forget to snap a few photos! On your return flight to Ketchikan, look around for wildlife, as the Top of the World Helicopter tour is often a great opportunity to spot marine wildlife along the narrow Revillagigedo Channel. With an affordable price tag and stunning views, the Top of the World Helicopter tour easily ranks among the best value for helicopter rides in Ketchikan!

What's Included

Dock-to-dock transportation is included. A safety orientation will be provided prior to lift-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the flights ever get canceled due to weather?
Yes, safety is the number one priority so weather conditions are taken into account for each departure. In certain cases, the weather can lift and a slight delay will still allow the flight to continue. However, if a flight is canceled completely due to weather circumstances, you will receive a refund less any non-refundable fees.
What if our cruise ship's schedule is canceled or delayed?
We will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, then you will receive a refund, less any non-refundable fees.
Can you see wildlife from the helicopter?
If you have sharp eyes, it's certainly possible to see wildlife on the mountains below. The helicopter flies low enough to distinguish individual animals, but of course the pilots have to respect local wildlife so it's not an objective of this tour.
How big are the helicopters?
There are a few types of helicopters used for the tour, and you'll typically be in a group of 3 guests on the flight. Multiple aircraft will be used for groups larger than this.

Quick Facts


1h 15min

The minimum age for participants is 0 years old.

Cancel up to 14-days before the tour for a refund. No refund is available if canceled within 14-days of the tour. If for any reason your tour is canceled, or if your cruise ship’s schedule changes, you will receive a refund. Refunds do not include any non-refundable fees.


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