Misty Fjords Cruise

  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    New Eddystone Rock is an extant volcanic neck that reaches some 240 feet from the sea! Your boat will get you in close for a look.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    The Misty Fjords Cruise employs custom catamarans with outdoor viewing platforms and a high-visibility heated cabin.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Don’t forget to scan these bright mossy walls for seabirds!
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Thousand-foot granite cliffs reach skyward from the sea all across Misty Fjords.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Misty Fjords’ genuinely imposing walls can’t help but elicit a sense of wonder.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    “Wait, how did El Capitan get all the way up here?!” It’s no coincidence that Misty Fjords is sometimes called the Yosemite of the North.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Much of Misty Fjords’ shoreline consists of reworked sediment that was produced by massive Pleistocene glaciers!
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Don’t forget your cameras and binoculars, for Misty Fjords’ coves are home to whales, bears, wolves, and more!
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Lush, vivid-green shorelines are the norm in this glorious ecological niche.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Eagles, eagles, and more eagles! Misty Fjords boasts a high count of the American icons.
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Punchbowl Cove’s granite walls and columnar basalt are sure to dazzle any geology lovers in your group!
  • Misty Fjords Cruise with Alaska Shore Tours
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    Misty Fjords is a truly lovely and tranquil Alaskan gem.
Picture it: Immense Yosemite-like granite domes towering literal thousands of feet into the sky from where they reach out of the water. Imagine eagles turning above you in search of prey, weaving along misty, vivid-green cliffsides. It’s not just a dream! With our just-released Misty Fjords Cruise, you’ll see this otherworldly landscape firsthand on one of the most naturally stunning shore excursions in Alaska. This staggering geologic scene serves as a home for killer whales, humpbacks, bears, mountain goats, seals, eagles, and even wolves. It’s among the most splendidly gorgeous sites in an already gorgeous state, and this brand-new gem among Ketchikan Alaska tours allows you to taste the awe up-close and personal.

What to expect and what not to expect with this Ketchikan shore excursion

Similarly to our other Ketchikan Alaska tours, you’ll begin your day on the water with complimentary pick-up at the cruise docks. Upon arrival at the Misty Fjords base, you’ll become acquainted with your knowledgeable naturalist guide and hop onto a custom catamaran designed to give you ideal views of this inspiring area. You’ll enjoy complimentary beverages and food as you head out among ancient glacier-cut fjords and falls that tumble a thousand feet into the sea: it’s no wonder Misty Fjords is often called the “Yosemite of the North”! But don’t forget to scan the emerald waters below for wildlife as you weave between eagles’ nests, mysterious Native American pictographs, and neon moss-colonized bluffs.

  • 6 hours duration (including transport)
  • Stunning, up-close views of glacially carved cliffs and designated wilderness
  • Fully narrated by expert naturalist guide
  • Remote exploration inside of Misty Fjords
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks

You’ll encounter a number of unique natural wonders here, like a remnant volcanic plug, called New Eddystone Rock, that stretches some 240 feet out of the sea, as well as Punchbowl Cove’s famous columnar basalt! You won’t want to forget extra film for this one, as it’s one of the absolute best shore excursions in Alaska for folks who love the natural world. After all, it could be your chance for the photo of a lifetime! There aren’t many shore excursions in Alaska as visually inspiring as this one.

Interested in other low-impact classics? Why not consdier the Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Combo in Juneau & the Yukon Discovery & Sled Dog in Skagway!

If you dream of experiencing Misty Fjords from high above, you may also want to explore our other Ketchikan Alaska tours, such as the new combo Misty Fjords Cruise & Flightseeing Tour and the classic, hard-to-beat Misty Fjords Flightseeing Tour.

Minimum Ages, Cancellations, Accessibility, Etc.


  • Restrictions: This is a family-friendly tour and all ages are welcome. Lap children 2 and under travel for free.
  • Accessibility: This tour is rated 'Easy' in regards to activity level. There are a few steps to get in and out of the boat, so a certain level of mobility is required. Please contact us in advance if you require assistance and we will do our best to accommodate!
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour. Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. Including 'Flex Cancel' allows cancellations and refunds up to 24-hours before the tour. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with Flex Cancel) are nonrefundable.
  • What to Wear: We recommend hoping for sunshine but preparing for rain for all of our tours. Drizzles are common in this area so we recommend bringing a waterproof jacket. We typically recommend long pants and closed toed shoes for comfort. And don't forget your camera!
For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar
  • Passenger Rate: $199.00
  • Infant Rate: Free (up to 2 years)
  • + 6.5% sales tax
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q:Will we make it back to the ship in time? What if we don't?
We've never left anyone behind and only schedule tours that work well with your cruise ship's itinerary. We leave plenty of cushion so you can confidently book your trips independently.
Q:Do the tours ever get canceled due to weather?
The Misty Fjords Cruise operates rain or shine, and trips are rarely canceled for weather. However, if a tour is canceled completely due to extreme weather circumstances, you will always receive a full refund.
Q:What if our ship is delayed or doesn't make it into port? Refund?
It's very rare that a ship is delayed into port, but in those cases, we will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, we will of course refund the full cost of the tour.
Q:What should we wear and bring?
For comfort, we typically recommend long pants, closed-toed shoes and a light jacket, as the air can sometimes be a bit cool. Also bring a rain jacket, just in case!
Q:Will we see wildlife from the boat?
The area is home to bears, whales, eagles, wolves, mountain goats, and other wildlife, so sightings are always possible, but we can’t guarantee them.
Q:What are the boats like?
This tour uses custom 50-passenger catamarans with both an outdoor and heated indoor viewing area.
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