Jeff and Brian Flinn

Great day out on the water!
I wasn't sure what to expect so, I was pleasantly surprised when I was met at the cruise pier by the tour. After a short drive they took us in to get "geared up." They provided everything, wet gear and boots, warm jackets if we needed them, and even bags to keep my camera gear dry. Everything! After a short lesson on how to operate the boat and safety rules we got in our boat. Louis, our guide, loaded up in his boat and off we went. Louis, was friendly, fun and knowledgeable which made the excursion that much better. We also were lucky enough to have a sunshiny day (rare in Ketchikan). Louis took us to many interesting locations around the islands and we observed quite a bit of wildlife including sea birds, sea lions and Bald Eagles. I took a lot of pictures of Bald Eagles. We were hoping for a whale but didn't see one this time. Although, Louis said whales are often seen on their trips. If you like the idea of driving your own small motor boat all around Ketchikan waters, looking for wildlife and hearing about the area history then, this tour should be high on your list. We really enjoyed it!

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Sustainable Tourism

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