Group Travel

Traveling with a larger group? Ketchikan provides some great options for larger groups to stay together and explore together. We've worked with family reunions, group conferences, employee outings, and wedding parties to plan Skagway adventures that suit a variety of travel motivations.

We know it can be tough as the group leader to get everyone on the same page, find the right activities, organize registration, and arrange the logistics. One of our travel specialists will be happy to help take the load off and work with you to ensure everyone gets the most of their Ketchikan shore excursion. We can even help with registration and organize individual payment if necessary - ask us about our online registration options for groups!
Because we specialize in offering the best Ketchikan tours and shore excursions, we can even work to split the group into smaller segments and offer two or more options for guests to choose from. This allows guests to choose the tour that is right for them while maintaining easy billing all in one place.

Perhaps the most popular options for groups out of Ketchikan are flightseeing and ziplining excursions. Add on a trip out to the Wildlife Sactuary & Eagle Center for a well-rounded day that gives your guests a full taste of what Ketchikan has to offer.
Contact us about itinerary options and rates for larger groups. We have discounted pricing starting at groups of 25 or more and we can also work within your budget to maximize your Ketchikan outing!

5% Pledge
Sustainable Tourism

5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Ketchikan Shore Tours